Fun With Snakes

By Richard Lapidus

About Author


Writer Specializing in
Reptiles and the Old West

Richard Lapidus has been a teacher, a businessman and an award-winning writer.  He is passionate about reptiles and the old west.  He currently has four books, with more on the way.  His articles have appeared in national magazines, major newspapers, history and college journals, and in books by other authors.  He has lectured at schools, parks, clubs, museums and in private homes. Richard Lapidus is a former vice president of The Western Outlaw-Lawman Association (WOLA).  He is a proud member of the Western Writers of America.



by Richard Lapidus

Take a journey with two old school herpers, Richard Lapidus and Buz Lunsford, as they experience a variety of highly unusual, sometimes dangerous, almost always humorous reptile adventures.



Richard Lapidus has given reptile talks to a great variety of groups, clubs, schools, and parks.

He has done a national radio interview, and has appeared on local television news in Tucson, Arizona.

For nine years he served as master of ceremonies of a major western book event in Willcox, Tombstone and Tucson, Arizona.

He has done book signings in book stores, at speaking engagements and at other events.

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