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We have 4 books in various stage of development at this time:

Zoo Man, My Wild and Crazy Life in Four Texas Zoos, by Tim Jones. (At the publisher.)  I worked as editor (and more) on this project and am very excited that Eco Publishers is setting up the book now.  Tim is like a Texas Will Rogers and is the funniest, most natural story-teller I have ever met.

The Strange Case of Rattlesnake James based on the true story of Robert James, a serial killer before the term was invented.  He killed his wives for the insurance money, but did not use conventional methods like guns or knives.  His killings involved black widow spiders, auto wrecks, drowning and rattlesnakes, each to make it appear accidental.  This case takes many twists and turns and goes all the way to the United States Supreme Court.  All this during the Great Depression in and around Los Angeles.  (In final re-write)

(Working Title) Hunting Snakes to the Gates of Hell.  This is a crazy, sci-fi/horror story where two geezers hunt snakes down a desert road in custom mobility scooters and encounter much more than they bargained for. (In line for final re-write)

Snake Hunting on the Devil’s Highway, Revised and expanded with author notes. (Stay tuned for updates.)