Fun With Snakes

Quirky Stories and Anecdotes of Snakes, Extraterrestrials and lots of Other Interesting Creatures.


Take a journey with two old school herpers, Richard Lapidus and Buz Lunsford, as they experience a variety of highly unusual, sometimes dangerous, almost always humorous reptile adventures.

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After a woman suffers a serious bite, Buz and Richard are called to rescue The Meanest Python.

During the Vietnam War, Buz was known as the go-to guy for reptiles.  Snakes in the Grass chronicles two of his extraordinary snake encounters, one of which was recorded in Stars and Stripes.

In Bisbee: Copper Pits and Pit Vipers, Buz and Richard try to rescue a rattlesnake which is being persecuted by a crowd of bikers, hippies and tourists at the Circle K.

In A Mysterious Disappearance, Buz shows Richard an historic site in Cochise County, Arizona.  Buz disappears and Richard assumes that he was abducted by space aliens in broad daylight.

Richard and Buz are asked to bring a large snake to a film shoot.  They discover in The Most Fun that the film shoot is for a scene in an underground movie, where a pretty girl is to dance around in the woods with a big snake, naked.

Don’t miss these and 18 other stories from the glory days of snake hunting.


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