Snakey Joe Post

Guardian of the Treasure


Joe Post, an uneducated young farmer, has an unusual way with animals. He leads a happy but solitary life in the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains. One day he stumbles upon a treasure of incalculable value. He wants nothing to do with it but realizes that he must do everything to keep it from the ruthless outlaws who robbed the bank in Monterrey and raided the sacred cathedral in Matamoros.

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From the Introduction by Tombstone Town Historian Emeritus, Ben T. Traywick:   “This volume by Richard Lapidus is a truly fascinating account of a remarkable young man, Joe Post, who has no formal education but possesses uncanny common sense and has an intense admiration for all of God’s creatures.  In fact, he likes animals so well that he lives his life as a strict vegetarian.

“One day Joe Post accidentally discovers a treasure of incalculable value.  Oddly, he wants nothing to do with it, but being the sort of man he is, he ultimately realizes that he must do everything he can to protect it from the ruthless cowboys who robbed th e bank in Monterrey and plundered the sacred cathedral in Matamoros.

“The story of this fabulous treasure is quite prominent in southeast Arizona history.  Legend tells that this treasure (consisting of pouches of dazzling gemstones, bars of gold, sacks of silver and gold coins, and life size solid gold statues of the Virgin Mary and Christ child) came from a raid that a large number of cowboys made on a church and a bank deep in old Mexico.  They brought it north and buried it on the Haslett brothers’ ranch in southern New Mexico.

“Author Lapidus places Joe Post and all his unusual friends (including a beautiful Apache girl, a fallen angel and all kinds of animals) right into Arizona history, telling their story with Tombstone and its characters as background in their adventures.”


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