The Legend of Russian Bill

Based on the Real-Life Story of William R. Tettenborn


In 1880 an unusually tall and handsome man rides into Tombstone on a pure white horse. He has long yellow hair and mustache and is dressed in white buckskin clothes with fringes. He claims he was a nobleman in Russia and that his mother is royalty. He tells of hunts with Buffalo Bill, of meeting with President Grant and shaking hands with important generals like Sherman and Custer. He claims to have killed four men and shows the notches on his guns. He tells of his mission to find Curly Bill Brocius so he can join his band of outlaws. People listen to the wild stories because he buys them drinks. Privately they think he is a liar and a braggart.

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He was the most unusual man many citizens of Tombstone had ever seen.  When he walked into the Eagle Brewery he stood straight and tall inside the doors, bright blue eyes searching around the room.  His long wavy yellow hair fell below the shoulders of his white fringed buckskin shirt, and his pure white hat had no sweat stains.  His fine leather boots had high heels and fancy tops which he wore with the buckskin pants tucked inside.  Huge spurs jingled whenever he took a step, especially on the boarded sidewalks along Allen and Fremont Streets.  His guns were pearl-handled Colts, and when he got close you couldn’t miss the four precisely carved notches on one of the handles.  His brown tooled leather belt was filled with cartridges.

He stood with his hands close to those guns and peered around the room with a scowl on his face, as if studying everyone and warning them at the same time.  The customers and staff were helpless to do anything but stare.


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